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Commercial Locksmith

Your business, no matter how large or small, deserves high-quality products to keep it safe from intruders. Brampton Locksmiths can install security products to keep your business safe when you are away. No one can be there 24 hours a day; therefore, let our company keep your facility secured and safe when you are not there.

At Brampton Locksmiths, we offer a variety of services for all of your commercial needs. Below are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Upgrade, installation and repair of all types of locks
  • Key management services: a system consisting of a master key and employee keys that only access the sections of your business that you approve
  • Changing of all locks
  • Safe keys
  • Emergency office lockouts
  • Computer locks
  • Keyless entry door locks
  • Filing cabinet locks
  • Digital locks
  • Buzzer systems
  • Security locks

We offer many other services as well. If you are interested in services that are not mentioned on our website, please feel free to contact us at 905-487-6189, and we will assist you with your request. You can also email us at “info@bramptononlocksmith.com.

Key Management Services

Having a Master key system is a great way to keep your business secure. If you have a large number of employees, or employees who come and go regularly, this is the best way to keep your business safe. Employee keys can be set up to only fit certain doors in your business, which works great for areas that contain highly-confidential information or otherwise need to be secured. No longer will you need to worry about an employee going where he/she is not allowed to go. It also eliminates the problem of bulky key chains, as the Master key is programmed to open any door in your business and is therefore much lighter to carry with you.

Security Products

Having a high-quality security system is a must in today’s world. Brampton offers security systems that are second to none, using the latest technology and made by companies that are leaders in the field of security systems. We work with companies such as LCN, Trine, Ilco, Detex and more to develop a personalized system just for you.

Even if you are unsure what you need for your business, our experts can assist you in designing the system that is just right for you. Contact us today to get started.

Other Services

Most commercial locations have a safe or vault. If your business has one, and you need to replace keys, reprogram combinations, or simply need to crack the safe, we can help. We can also help with replacing all of the locks in your business – an excellent idea if you recently purchased a business and are unsure how many people have keys. We can assist you with lock repairs, installing keyless entry doors, broken keys, and much more.

Contact Us

We offer a wide range of services for all of your commercial needs – simply contact us by phone or email, and we will assist you in your locksmith requests.