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Re-key all locks in your business

When thinking about locksmith services, many people think of automotive or residential services first – you get locked out of the car, you lose your house key, or you need to replace all of the locks in your new home, so you call a locksmith. But Brampton Locksmiths also offer services for your business. Whether your business is a small mom-and-pop operation or a huge corporation, Brampton can assist you in all of your locksmith needs.

Why re-key locks instead of replacing them?

Simply put, when we re-key your locks, it is much less expensive than replacing the entire lock. In either case, you will receive new keys to your facility; however, re-keying locks is much more cost-effective.

When should I consider re-keying the locks at my place of business?

Re-keying locks, though a simple procedure, is an excellent idea to keep employees safe and secure at your small or large business. And, there are times when re-keying your locks is an excellent idea, such as:

  • After a move. If you’ve recently relocated your business, and you are in a new location, re-keying your locks is an excellent strategic move. You cannot know for certain how many past employees may have had keys, or worse yet, which keys may have been lost or even copied. For security reasons, it is prudent to have all of your locks re-keyed when you open a new location of your business. After all, you can never be too careful when it comes to security and the safety of your employees.
  • When keys are lost. Keys get lost or misplaced all of the time, and you can never be certain that the person who finds a misplaced or lost key will not use it for sinister purposes. Also, there are times when you cannot account for each and every key that the company owns. This can happen quite often in a business with a large number of employees. Any time a key has been lost or misplaced, regardless of the circumstance, it is a good idea to have all of your locks re-keyed.
  • After a break-in. Even in commercial locations, theft and burglaries can occur. If someone has broken into your business, re-keying your locks can be a cost-effective way to bring security and safety back to the employees. Even if the locks have not been damaged, simply having a break-in occur increases the odds that the locks may not work properly. The thief may have picked the lock, or the door may have been inadvertently left open. In any case, re-keying the locks makes good economic and practical sense.
  • After time has passed. Even if there has been no break-in and you can account for all of your keys, re-keying the locks occasionally is a good idea. Maintenance people and others who have visited your location could have unknowingly stolen one or more keys to your business. One can never be sure, and re-keying locks is a perfect thing to do on a regular basis.

Please contact us at Brampton Locksmiths for all of your re-keying needs. We are here to help.