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Remotes programmed

At Brampton Locksmiths, we are able to fix or calibrate all types of electronic lock systems. If your home or garage has an electronic number lock that has gone haywire, we can help. Just about any type of remote control can be repaired or re-programmed by one of our service technicians. When programming a remote, our technicians will “sync up” a replacement part with a specific vehicle’s receiver. It is a complex procedure, but easily done by the technicians at Brampton, who are highly competent and well-trained.

Remote key fobs

If you have a remote, keyless entry lock or key fob that needs to be re-programmed, give us a call. We can come to your home or business and quickly make sure that your key is re-programmed and in workable order before we leave the premises. These types of keys can become de-programmed or stop working for no apparent reason, and we can be at your home or office within 30 minutes to help you out and get you back on your way. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the re-programming takes, and how reasonably priced it is.

Electronic number lock systems

If you have an electronic number lock on your garage or in your home or business that becomes unworkable, or you have lost or forgotten your secret code, we can help. We will come to your location and re-program the number lock system, and get you back to your life in no time.

Miscellaneous remotes

Almost any remote control system can be re-programmed, replaced or repaired by the qualified technicians at Brampton Locksmiths. These include not only keyless key fobs and number lock systems in garages or homes, but also combination locks in safes or other equipment, and remote controls for your car.

If we are unable to re-program your remote, we will provide you with a new one. However, this is very unlikely, since our highly-qualified technicians are able to re-program nearly every electronic device. In the case of car remotes, we are often able to program them to work with more than one car, which is convenient for couples and families who share a vehicle.

At one time, the only ones who could do these types of jobs were car dealers. Dealers, however, are very expensive, and often take their time getting your keys or remotes back to you. This can be a great inconvenience in today’s hectic world. After all, who really has time to wait several days to be able to drive his or her car? In reality, no one can do this. Brampton provides all these services and more, and we can do it in a much quicker – and much less expensive – manner than most car dealers. Some websites claim that car owners can program their own devices, but more often than not, this only complicates the situation.

If you are interested in having Brampton Locksmiths re-program any of your devices, give us a call today. Or, send us an email. We can give you a free estimate, and we are available 24/7.