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Transponder keys

A transponder key is a key that contains a small chip inside of it. It allows for a keyless entry to your car. The key component is programmed to work only with the car for which it is made. Since 1995, most new cars – both foreign and domestic – have keys with a transponder chip in it. The chip is as small as the tip of a finger. The transponder key is the ultimate in safety and security for your car, since it will only work with the car for which it is programmed. Thieves may be able to get into your car, but they will not be able to start the car, even if they hotwire the car or disarm the car alarm.

Transponder keys and chips need to be specially cut and programmed with the correct equipment and technology, which means someone with specialized training is the only one that can program the key. Transponder keys have microchips inside of them, and when a car’s ignition is started, an electronic message is sent to the key by the engine control unit – the ECU, usually found in the steering wheel. The car will only start if the correct message is sent back to it, and only if the correct code is programmed into the key. It is a complex piece of equipment, and takes highly-qualified technicians to make it work properly. If a non-programmed frequency or the wrong code is used, the car will shut down and not start.

Transponder keys can sometimes stop working or become de-programmed. People also can lose the keys. Sometimes, the key comes apart and causes the code to be erased. If any of these things happens to you, Brampton Locksmiths can help. We can go to your home or office, and cut and re-program the key, so that you can get back on the road more quickly.

Car dealers – and even some hardware and online stores – may offer the option of cutting and re-programming a transponder key, but more often than not, the service is very expensive. In addition to cost, there is also the possibility that the cutting and re-programming could take several days, which means the customer is without a car during that time. For most people, this is not a viable option. At Brampton, we can cut and program your key in a much shorter time, and for a far more reasonable price than a dealer.

Protecting your car is equal to protecting a financial investment. After all, a car is a big investment, particularly these days, as cars can be tremendously expensive.

Since close to a trillion different codes can be programmed into the transponder key, only a highly-qualified technician – like the ones hired by Brampton Locksmiths – can repair or replace the key. These keys sometimes stop working for no apparent reason, and no one can predict when this might happen. If it happens to you, just give Brampton a call. We are here 24/7 for all your transponder key needs.